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2nd Method : The Payment Through ATM/Bank Deposit

Thank you! You have decided to make a payment through the internet banking.

Just follow these steps :

1) Go to any Maybank/CIMB/BankIslam/BSN nearest to your place. Then, please deposit RM60 to the one of bank accounts as follows :

Bank : Maybank, Account No : 164173632578

Bank : CIMB, Account No : 7010951812

Bank : Bank Islam, Account No : 14162020056766

Bank : Simpanan Nasional (GIRO), Account No : 1011429000000236

2) After you finished with the transaction, please make sure that you get the slip and keep it with you.
Fill up the form below:

Validated payment (please attached together the time, date and place of transaction)


3. We will check upon your payment information first, if everything was validated, we will send you an email or URL and downloads steps within 24 hours.

Please make sure that you have a validate email address to ensure the product will reach you correctly.

Thank you!

Good Luck,

Ustaz Abd Rahman Jamaan