The Simplest Way To Speak Arabic And To Understand The Meaning In The Solat & Certain Doa Especially To The Professionals And Those Who Do Not Have Time To Go For Classes!

Know how you could learn the Arabic Language in the simplest way through this ebook. The practical and effective way to learn an Arabic Language.

You might have a deepen interest to learn Arabic. But your intention stunted through some problems such as:

  • You have no idea of the place
  • The schedule is not convenience to you
  • Fees
  • The environment provided
  • Less of reference books
  • Non- effective syllabus given
  • Non- effective tutors
  • And other problems appeared

Before I continue with the writing, let me introduce myself.

I am an Arabic Senior Lecturer in the Academy of Language Studies in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Johor, Kampus Segamat. Experienced as an Arabic Lecturer in Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM). Graduated with Masters of Modern Language from Universiti Malaya and Bachelor in Arabic Language & Literature from Jordan Al-Bayt University.

I do not claim myself as an expert, but I know what most of the students need especially among the Malay communities. Most importantly, I know the easiest way on how to learn the Arabic Language in practical and systematic way. This is because I have been teaching Arabic for the past 17 years to the public. It is also has been my duties to share the knowledge that I have to all the Malaysian, not only to the universities students.

To learn an Arabic language, first you need to complete yourself with the basic knowledge and use a simple method that you can. You need someone experts in the same field who knows every aspects on the language.

Yours truly,


Do You Know?

  • The government of Malaysia accentuated and encouraged their people to learn Arabic? Even nowadays Arabic has been a compulsory subject in most primary school. So, this is the time when you should learn the Arabic language for your own use and then to your kids.

  • Students whose possesses a good command of Arabic will be selected to further their studies abroad by the government. This is the time where you should strengthen your knowledge and understanding through the Arabic language.

  • The Arabic Language is the second world largest language used. The knowledge of the Arabic nowadays is widely important globally, beside the important use of the English language, it also act as the primary sources to the English language. Lots of sources gathered from the famous satellite usually from the Arabic language for example from Al-Jazeera.

  • Al-Quran sent down by Allah in Arabic Language? Because it is the miracle and the Heaven language that most of us will use in Hereafter. The knowledge of Arabic Language is very important to understand the contents of the meaning in Al-Quran and supplication that we always recite in our daily life. Moreover, it is considered as Fardu Kifayah to all Muslims.

  • The words that used in our daily prayer are also in Arabic Language? Therefore, it is considered as compulsory to understand the real meaning that we recite in our prayer, to make our prayer more effective and concentrated.

Now, there is an enjoyable way of learning Arabic.

No more obstacles for you to learn Arabic, no matter what is your profession. It can easily to be learning in your house, offices, schools, anywhere and everywhere you are.

You don’t have to rush yourself to the bookstores or to sail across the traffic jammed to go to the classes to get what you want.

It is just that easy to learn it through my "SIMPLE GUIDE FOR LEARNING ARABIC EBOOK".

Page No: 120 pages
Price: RM60.00

Synopsis: This ebook elucidated the guidelines and effective techniques to learn the Arabic Language. Each title provided in this ebook will be explain clearly in details with the use of simple Malay language. Each of the words will be translated into Malay language and the complete explanation of the use. Each of the lessons explained followed by a comprehensives example to test the students understanding on the lessons.


This ebook will also teach you the basic words used in regularly in our daily life. It is so easy to be practice and can also guide you as an effective communication.

Simple Guide For Learning Arabic Ebook can be the main sources to those who are highly interest in Arabic Language. You can have it at any time wherever you are.

Therefore, let me bring you through the world of Arabic which you want, easy, effective, systematic and practical. Let me guide you until the end with permission from Allah.


Some of the contents in this Ebook :

  You will be able to recognize the letters in Arabic, the pronunciation and the correct skill of writing

  The practical exercises provided can masters you in writing and the use of the right diacritics.

You will be able to understand and practice the important sentences in your daily life.

  The characteristics and the divisions of the Arabic words are cleared and more understandable.

  You can avoid the misuse of the pronoun in Arabic and apply it through the examples and comprehensives exercises.

  You will also able to learn the correct use of sentence structure through the clear explanations.

What are the benefits that we will get from this
Simple Guide For Learning Arabic Ebook?

  1. It is written in Malay and English to make this ebook more readable and sold well in the market.

  2. It is written by a professional and experienced lecturer in universities for more than 12 years.

  3. It gives you a clear imagination about the Arabic language and the use of it in our daily life.

  4. It gives you knowledge and the basic knowledge of Arabic in simple and understandable way.

  5. Readers of ebook will be able to solidify their reading on the contents of Al-Quran and supplication in their daily life and it will be the main source of guidance to every person who based on language.

  6. This ebook is good to gives a chance to every one who really loved to learn the Arabic seriously.

  7. Complete with full of comprehensives exercises. Each of the explanation attached together with the simple examples, clear and understandable.

  8. It can answer to all of your unanswered matters regarding Arabic language. So, therefore it really fulfills your desire in learning.

  9. This ebook is really effective to those who really want to learn the Arabic language completely. It really benefits to every level of ages and every one can learn from it peacefully.

  10. It can be use to guide children to learn the Arabic language since they are small in your own house. You can help your children to learn the Arabic by using this ebook.

  11. To the faction of parents which eager to send their children to learn abroad, with the use of this book, your children can easily learn it as their preparation to further their studies.

  12. It is also important to the prospective pilgrim or to those who have intentions to travel to the Middle East, the knowledge of the Arabic would be an advantage to them.

  13. This ebook is also a trigger to a wider knowledge such as the tafsir and so on to upgrade the concentration of the reader through the nobility of Allah.

  14. Therefore, in another words, this ebook can fulfilled what mostly the Malays want and to every one else who intend to learn it even though they do not even have a basic knowledge in Arabic.

  15. It is the continuation from the previous ulamak who sacrificed their time and energy to spread the use of Arabic to all over the world.

  16. Definitely it will save up your time and cost.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to distribute my knowledge in Arabic to all of you, especially to the whole of Malaysian citizens so that together we could gain our knowledge which could support us later.

What Did They Say?...

“I begin to learn Arabic language on my own since 3 years ago, but then I have a feeling it is not enough for me to master it and understand it clearly. I am almost give-up but thanks to God. I found the ebook Panduan Mudah Belajar Bahasa Arab from my search through the internet. It is unbelievable! After 1 month I have started to speak in Arabic!”.

Khairul Anwar Yahaya, 31 years old- Bangi, Selangor



“I have bought so many kinds of Arabic books in the market, I also learnt so many programs online, but seldom I can find the one that could explain Arabic in Malay language, I am still looking for it because to me, an explanation in Malay language are much more important and it much easier to make me understand. Alhamdulillah at last I found the ebook and it really helps me to understand the words inside the Al-Quran!”.

Azlina Wahab, 29 years old- Seremban, Negeri Sembilan



“I knew Ustaz Abdul Rahman very well. We were studying at the same university before. He is really an expert in Arabic and use to teach it to the public. I always give him a suggestion to write an e-book in Malay language which could really gives a deep understanding to the students. I just do not believe that he really took my words seriously. With this ebook hopefully it will facilitate all and the greatest work ever from Ustaz Abd Rahman to his nations!”.

Mohd kamil bin Jaafar, 25 years old- Shah Alam, Selangor


So! Do Not Wait Any Longer! Make Your Reservations Now!...

For only RM60 “SIMPLE GUIDE FOR LEARNING ARABIC EBOOK” which is hard to find now can easily to get in an open market! Quick! Get your own copies right now!

OOPS! Just hold on! With the purchase of this Simple Guide For Learning Arabic Ebook, you will get an extra reward from me:


  • This forum exclusively for members only
  • In this forum,you will have an opportunity to ask any issue regarding the Arabic language. Just ask me any questions, we will discuss it together.
  • Share our stories, or any of your experience in learning the Arabic language.


  • You will have and opportunities to communicate with the rest of other forum members and practice the knowledge that you have…
More people, more fun and more effective!

When any of the Adam`s children died, they will be separated from everything they have except 3 things, their charities, their benefit knowledge and their good and loyal children who always pray for them” Meaning of Hadis.

"Reach from me even a sentence" Meaning of Hadis

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